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Innovated Realty Solutions enables top home builders the ability to provide their clients with a streamlined path to get out of their current living situation & into a new construction home!

Increase sales & close with confidence

No sale contingencies causing last minute cancellations

Our solutions provide a competitive advantage

How it works

We’ll help your customer transition into your new construction home & out of their current living situation.


Your customer requests a commitment-free offer for their current home.


Our team will provide all guaranteed solutions options available to your customer to choose from.


Your customer can now buy a new home without a home sale contingency & they can select a closing date that works for them based on the move in date for their new construction home.

Why partner with us?

Confidence of closing: Our Guaranteed Home Solutions give your customers the ability to close on their new home without contingencies.
Quicker Closing Turnaround: Our Guaranteed Home Solutions alleviate concerns around coordinating your customer’s existing home sale with the closing date on their new home.

Customer Savings: With coordinated closings, there are no overlapping housing costs. And we list their existing home for 1% which is a fraction of the typical cost.

Increased Sales: Our innovative solutions make it easier for your potential customers to sign for a new home. They’ll choose their closing date, and circumvent the stress of dealing with their existing home or lease.

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